Almost in every society there is a group of persons who dedicate their lives for some cause and for the betterment of the nation. They are the motivated people and can be found in any profession, be it journalism, law, social service, literature, fine arts, sports, defence, religion or any other. These people stick to honesty and any worldly glitter or greed cannot make them blind from their social responsibilities. Some of those become popular and some do not get projection. Being a well-informed nation it is our responsibility to know about these towering personalities who do not live for themselves but for the nation. These people are always extending a helping hand whenever their efforts are required and they help to keep the social fabric intact. We can rightly call them the essence of society. The journey of prosperity often becomes long of those nations who ignore such worthy individuals and do not render them their due respect.

Karamat Ali Bhatti worked laboriously to discover these great people in every walk of life and compiled their stories in a book named ‘Kaisa Kaisa Chehra’. He interviewed them and explored the unknown facts about them. They are considered to be a gem in their respective fields.  Wazir Agha, Altaf Fatima, Hasan Askari Rizvi, Saleem Mansoor Khalid, Syed Talat Husain, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Sarfraz Hussain Naeemi, Ibrarul Haq etc are amongst those who were approached by Mr. Bhatti. It also includes the persons who belong to the lower strata who did  not compromise their dignity in any manner in the run of life.

The book is a collection of interviews in which Mr Bhatti deviated from the stereo-type question-answer format and adopted a plain style of interviewing and it makes his writings lucid and full of interesting information. The book imparts maximum information to the readers in these short profile interviews. The use of language is decorative and some sentences are pithy; yet they are easy to understand. The reading of this book not only reminds some forgotten words of Urdu language but also adds some new words to the readers’ vocabulary. These new words are used in proper context which makes their meaning clear in the context.

By bringing these interviews in a form of book, Mr Bhatti has done an admirable job. ‘Kaisa Kaisa Chehra’ is a book which can catch the interest of the people who want to know about the motivated personalities of Pakistan.

Title: Kaisa Kaisa Chehra | Author: Karamat Ali Bhatti | Genre: Interviews | Price: Rs 695 | Pages: 365 | Publisher: Sawan - Readings Publications House