LAHORE - The Trade Organization Ordinance 2007, is being tabled in the upcoming National Assembly session to be held on Monday (tomorrow), as the NA Standing Committee on Commerce has given the final approval of it with full consensus, sending it to the parliament for further procedure. 

Trade Organization Ordinance 2007, along with several other clauses, also includes section of Small Traders Chambers, which has also been supported by the all members of the standing committee, who backing the stance of small traders have okayed the establishment of it.

APAT central chairman Khawaja Shafiq said that traders for the last three decades have been struggling for the establishment of Chamber of Small Traders and giving presentations to governments.

He said that delegations of the All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran contacted all political parties, including PML-N, PML-Q, MQM, PPP and ANP, sitting in parliament and tried to convince them for the importance of Chambers of Small Traders and Cottage Industry.

He said that traders continued asking the parliamentarians to table the ordinance of Chamber of Small Traders, pending with the Standing Committee for Commerce, in the National Assembly for legislation for several years. He said that APAT also forced all political parties to include the issue of Chamber of Small Traders in their manifesto so that they could get the support of trade community voters.

APAT central general secretary Naeem Mir said that with a view to build up pressure, the traders had also announced last year to set up Chamber of Small Traders unofficially in all districts of the country. First of this kind was established in Tando Allahyar last year.

He disclosed that traders have formed a committee in the lead of chairman Khawaja Shafiq, which also includes president Mian Mannan, general secretary Naeem Mir, Atiq Mir, Qayyum Qureshi, Abdul Rahim Kakar and Haji Haleem Jan. The committee will meet all political parties to play their part and support Chamber of Small Traders in the NA so that the small businessmen of over 10 million could organize themselves and get recognition.

He also urged the PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif to spare some time for meeting with traders newly-formed committee, as business community has great expectations with this party. He said that the committee will meet the PML-N leader and discuss with him contents of the Trade Organization Ordinance 2007.