LAHORE – Referring to the Mehran Bank scam, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz held on Saturday that Nawaz Sharif, immediately after coming to power in 1990, had terminated the services of Younas Habib in the Habib Bank Limited.

“This was the time when Mehran Bank was being set up and Nawaz Sharif-led government prevented Habib from becoming its chief executive officer,” the party said in its declaration while asserting that Habib had testified to the FIA that in 1993 he handed over Rs 50million to the PPP to run its election campaign.

In his statement, Habib also confessed to having given the PPP Rs30million to appoint Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari as the country’s president in 1993. In January 1994, Habib admitted he also gave Rs 110millin to the PPP to topple Sabir Shah’s government in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the declaration, these confessions, made by Younas Habib, were carried in newspapers of April 5, 1994.