In Israel UN Secretary General Ban-ki-Moon was making joint press conference with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu on recent conflict in Al-Aqsa mosque this Tuesday. Israeli PM stated ‘’Palestinean President Mahmood Abas is responsible for recent casualties of Israelis’’. As soon as he completed his speech the western media CNN and BBC stopped live coverage of speech of the UN secretary. The only channel of Qatar ‘Al-Jazeera’ was showing live broadcast of the UN secretary General speech. Western media always claims that it raises issues of rights abuse, and that they show only true stories but needless to say here it failed in ethics of journalism. Besides, last year ‘’Operation Protective Edge’’ in which Israeli rockets and missile air strikes in residential areas of innocent Palestinians killed over 2100, while the casualties of Israelis was about 70. Here again if somebody visits Wikipedia source; he can only find joint number of casualties rather than separate number of casualties of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Moreover; Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to obey the United Nations Security Council resolution 242 which says’’ Israel should withdraw from captured states of Palestine’’ – West Bank and Gaza strip. Israel has also failed in the Oslo accords of 1993 and 1995 to accept Palestine as a state, though recently many UN nations have accepted Palestine as a separate state. The Palestine flag was hoisted for first time in the UN during this year UN General Assembly annual session.

I request the international community to show the reality and truth. You should not compare Palestinians with terrorists groups. They are freedom fighters. They have separate religion, culture, language and ethnicity. They are fighting for their rights. Where is the international community who calls for human rights?

The ‘two state solution’ of the Palestine and Israel should be achived without discrimination, by the UN and the USA in particular and human rights organization and western media in general.


Shikarpur, October 21.