KARACHI - The Anti-Encroachment Unit conducted a special operation and retrieved 27 acres of government land from land grabbers in Scheme 33, District East.

The AEU of Board of Revenue led by Director Nawaz Sohu and 150 policemen carried out the operation in Scheme 33, Deh Thoming and bulldozed the compound wall constructed over an area of 17 acres . Land grabber Waseem Khan had set up Al-Mustafa Housing Scheme on the government land and was selling plots to people.

The anti-encroachment force razed the compound wall as well as offices of the housing scheme. Zone-II Police of the BoR registered FIR No 1/2016 against Khan and handed over investigation to Inspector Shabir Ahmed. The worth of the land is Rs300 million.

The team conducted another operation in the same area and retrieved 10 acres of government land grabbed by Faiz Mohammad Palari. The AEU bulldozed the compound wall and registered a case against Palari vide FIR No 2/2016. It bulldozed Palari’s offices and compound wall constructed on the government land .

The chief minister praised the Board of Revenue and directed senior member Rizwan Memon to intensify the operation against land grabbers . “I will not allow anybody to grab the government land , not even an inch of it,” he said. He directed Memon to map the government land grabbed by land grabbers and launch a ruthless operation against them.