BEIJING: Spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang said on Friday that China is happy to see neighboring countries developing normal bilateral relations.

While commenting on the Indian Prime Minister Modi’s current visit to Japan in a regular press briefing, the spokesman said that it is hoped that while developing relations, they will also respect the legitimate concerns of other countries especially those in the region and do more things conducive to regional peace and stability. Replying to a question about US presidential election, the spokesman said: “We - like other countries in the world - will wait and see what kind of policies the new US government under the leadership of Trump will adopt in various fields.”

As a principle, he further said that the development of China-US relationship has brought real benefits to people in the two countries and beyond and greatly helped maintain world peace, stability, prosperity and development, therefore they look forward to working alongside the new US government to deepen our cooperation following the principles of non-confrontation, non-conflict, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

If differences still linger between our two major countries, we are ready to properly manage them so that our cooperation can yield more profits for our people and the international community, he added.