American politics is becoming more and more of a reality TV format,” Asif Akthar, a political analyst from NYU says. Donald Trump with his reality television experience and real estate mogul status has managed to successfully exploit that aspect of politics, he goes on to say. Trump is judge, jury and executioner because Trump can bully his way into taking control. Weak Jeb Bush, Crooked Hillary Clinton.

This election has seen mudslinging from both sides, but it is clear Donald Trump’s brand of misogyny, xenophobia, banning Muslims and building walls to keep sexual offending Mexicans out while being accused of sexual offences himself has stuck a chord with a large segment of the American voter. This is cause for worry.

The Senate, the House, the Presidency and possibly the Supreme Court are now going to be in the hands of the GOP and President-elect Trump will eventually be handed nuclear codes. The scenario looks bleaker and bleaker the more one tries to analyse it. How could polls be so wrong? The polling method to predict outcomes is either very flawed or people participating in polls in are brutally dishonest. The former seems a much more likely option.

The last twenty hours or so have been exhaustive. It was impossible to sleep as the numbers kept rolling in. All the stages of grief from denial to acceptance were reached again and again. Fears of what the world is going to look like soon are not unfounded. This isn’t just an election that affects the American voter, this is an election that affects the entire world. The environment, fracking, TTIP, all weren’t faring well when the Democrats were in charge but now we have a party with many people who deny climate change is even a reality. President-elect Trump is himself a climate change denier. One cannot help but feel that the Earth is doomed. Let us all start praying the Mars One Mission works out and we start to colonise other bodies in our solar system. We might just end up need to end up terraforming them.

The nagging image of an orange coloured man holding nuclear codes is hardest thing to exorcise from the mind. Hilary’s concession speech is playing in the background. One’s attentions are diverted to the fact that the Democratic leadership will soon be up for grabs. Who can the party find to rally around? Whoever does shall have mighty big shoes to fill.

There was a time when many people were afraid that Secretary Boris Johnson might become Prime Minister of Great Britain, but somehow the world managed to dodge that bullet. Say what one might be thinking over Brexit and a potential PM Johnson but this President-elect Trump thing trumps it infinitely. President-elect Mr. Locker Room Talk. Maybe Great Britain can learn from this disastrous outcome and remember what makes it so Great in the first place. It’s diversity and very many people and cultures playing well together. Maybe a reaction to the US election in the UK will be that the next British government will be Labour or a Labour and Liberal Democrats coalition!

Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders never had a chance. Maybe Pakistanis too can learn from this and wake up one day and realise that the Awami Workers Party is the only true leftist party in Pakistan looking out for the masses and not just the middle and upper classes. Maybe one of our mainstream political parties will wake to this fact and instead of making deals with banned outfits like the ASJW, will instead make electoral alliances with the AWP and give the actual interests of the people a voice. But then that nagging image of an orange man holding the nuclear codes comes back to mind. This reality television segment isn’t one we can tune out from.