ISLAMABAD -  The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday decided to move a resolution in the senate to voice its concerns over the formation of the Inquiry Committee to probe national security meeting leaks to a national newspaper.

A meeting of the media strategy committee of the pti held at Bani Gala under the chair of Imran Khan decided that the party would move a resolution in the senate disapproving the present seven-member Committee formed to ascertain the source who leaked the “wrong” information about the national security meeting, an office bearer of the PTI’ Central Media Department said.

The office-bearer said that the pti would ask in the resolution the head of the Committee, Justice (Retd) Aamer Raza Khan was a partial member because of having links with the ruling PML-N besides its other members also enjoyed good relations with the ruling party.

“The view of the pti is that it could not expect justice from incumbent composition of the probe committee,” he said.

The pti in the resolution will demand that a sitting judge of the Supreme Court should head the probe committee and it should report to the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

However, the vote of the PPP, the major Opposition party in the senate , would have a decisive role to get the resolution passed in the senate .