Pakistan is one of the richest country with historical monuments and naturally beautiful places in all weathers, The UAE which is not blessed with only deserts and oil its earning was about US$7.5 billion last year. India is are earning US$ 12 billion per year and its tourism industries growth is 20% per year. Why Pakistan is not able to have any share from US$ 540 billion world tourism business?.

Why is the government not paying any attention to this foreign exchange earning potential? Why is the government not exploiting the natural potential of country to generate wealth and preferring taking loans from IMF, World Bank, ADB and China? Why Fauji Foundation and AWT Commercial enterprises not taking interest in tourism industries which are more profitable business, then Cement and Fertilizers Plants? The Tourism Industry will improve the image of Pakistan, which has been tarnished due to incompetent rulers.


Lahore, October 10.