KARACHI - Speakers at the meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter urged the government to control the increasing use of narcotics before it became an un-healing sore on the body of nation.

The meeting was held on the theme “Increasing Trend of Narcotics’ use and its impact on society”, presided over by Justice (r) Haziqul Khairi at a local hall on Friday. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan was also present at a meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Brig (r) Riazul Haq said that 64 percent of Pakistan’s population was consisted of youth and if they would indulge in narcotics it would be very disastrous for the country as the youth were the strength and future of the nation.

The easy availability of drugs is the main reason of their increasing use which tells the inability and inaction on the part of law enforcement agencies, he said, adding it was an alarming situation that this menace has now been reached to the educational institutions and drug agents were responsible for this heinous crime.

Justice (r) Haziqul Khairi said that young students were using drugs in schools and big name holder schools didn’t take action against them fearing that the reputation of their schools would be damaged.

Dr Aijaz Khanzada, an official of Health Department, Sindh said that there was no comprehensive law for prohibition of preparation, manufacturing, storage, sale and use of gutka and manpuri in the province of Sindh. We have already submitted a draft of law in Sindh Assembly and suggested to make it law as soon as possible, he added.

Prof Dr Akhlaq Ahmed said that drugs were supplying in Pakistan from Afghanistan and the big problem was their easy availability which could be controlled by making Afghan borders safe. Use of drugs could spoil a nation and government should think about our youth who were the asset and manpower of the nation, he added. Anwar Aziz Jakartawalla said that there was a need of a comprehensive campaign against the narcotics and it could be started even on individual basis.

Justice (r) Zia Pervez was of the view that even a quantity of 15 grams heroin was enough to make a man drug addict. Only stern law and its implementation was the only answer to the threat of drugs in the country, he concluded.

Engineer Anwarul Haq Siddiqui was of the opinion that the traditional pan and huqgha were the starting points and vehicles of drug use and they were the part of our culture which could not be controlled through law unless the culture of their use is changed.

Naushaba Khalil said that curbing of drugs’ use in the poor was conditional to the reducing the level of poverty and illiteracy, while in the rich it was linked to change their life style, adopted to emulate the western culture.

Professor Kafeel Ahmed urged to introduce a system of check and balance in the sectors of health and education to curb the menace of drugs. Political interference in these sectors should also be necessary to stop forthwith, he added.

Huma Beg indicated that Hashish was being used in tea in some teashops and whoever took tea he would become addict of that particular tea. This menace should also be curbed, she stressed.

Shura in a unanimous resolution has condoled the death of Chief Justice (r) Ajmal Mian and recited fateha for him.