The civil war in Yemen has devastated its population. It has entered in its third year, and has already left 14000 dead according to one estimate. The battle is not ending soon, for Saudi Arab and Iran are fighting a proxy war on the Yemeni soil. But such wars come with massive costs. And the price of Muhammad bin Salman’s adventurism can be seen in the total obliteration of life in Yemen.

While accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism, the Saudi foreign minister turns a blind eye to the famine, result of Saudi actions, which is killing the people on a daily basis.

The Saudi sanctions coupled with the ongoing civil war have destroyed Yemen’s social and economic infrastructure. The kingdom has defended the blockade, which bars aid groups from delivering aid to the starving civilians. Cautioning against the fatal consequences of Saudi actions, international aid organizations in Yemen said they were "greatly alarmed" by Saudi Arabia's decision, warning it could "bring millions of people closer to starvation and death."

In a similar warning issued by the UN, Millions of people will die in Yemen in what will be the world's worst famine crisis in decades, unless a Saudi-led military coalition ends a devastating blockade and allows aid into the country. As a result of the Saudi imposed sanctions and embargoes against Yemen, the food commodities’ prices have skyrocketed.

The Security Council's inability to put an end to the civil war in Yemen has already displayed that the wretched of the earth– Yemenis in the present case– have no place to register their protest. To avert the looming crisis of the famine, action not words should speak for the concern global powers are showing. The global powers need to rein Muhammad bin Salman –the new blue-eyed baby of the West– as his brutalities will force Yemeni people to die of starvation.