Samsung creates another smart-school at SOS Village

LAHORE (PR): Samsung Electronics has collaborated with SOS Childrens’ Villages, for the construction of smart-classes in 9 major cities, to uplift the standard of education in under privilege communities. The Samsung smart class at SOS Hermann Gmeiner School has been established in the SOS Village at Ferozepur road, Lahore.

SOS Childrens’ Villages have been selected to manage these smart-classes at strategic locations, due to their high credibility and performance in providing superior quality education, accommodation and a healthy environment to nurture the inherent talents among the deprived segments, especially the orphans.

Samsung has so far developed smart classes at; SOS villages of GT road Rawalpindi, Sector H-11 Islamabad, Malir Halt Karachi, GattWala Faisalabad, Industrial Estate Multan, Khambaranwala Sialkot, Faisalabad road Sargodha, Dhodial Mansehra and Ferozepur road Lahore.

Samsung Pakistan has invested millions of rupees for establishment of smart classes and upgrading of these school premises. The upgraded institutions are then operated by the SOS Village with qualified teachers, in accordance with high academic standards, to achieve the defined objectives, while ensuring complete transparency. Hence, free education is being provided to thousands of deserving and under privilege students.

 Descon kicks off 40th anniversary celebrations

LAHORE (PR): In a ceremony held at Descon Headquarters, Descon kicked off its 40th anniversary by unveiling the 40 years celebration logo. Descon will reach its 40 year landmark on the 15th of December 2017 by celebrating with its employees in a befitting manner. The ceremony was presided by the Chairman of Descon, Abdul Razak Dawood along with the management team.

 He congratulated all employees working for various Descon entities on achieving this major milestone. Razzak Dawood highlighted that Descon has emerged as one of the premier conglomerates of Pakistan operating in engineering, power and chemicals sectors in the country. The company has over 15,000 employees from more than 20 different nationalities. He informed the audience about the international footprint of Descon and the recent expansion into South Africa. He said that Descon is the first Pakistani multinational company having four overseas manufacturing units. He also mentioned the CSR and philanthropic efforts of Descon and how they have helped in building a prosperous Pakistan by providing vocational and technical training to the unemployed youth through DTI (Descon Technical Institute). He said that despite all of these achievements, “the best is yet to come”.

President Infrastructure Division of Descon Engineering, Adnan Bakhtiar also addressed the audience. He informed that Descon’s infrastructure development projects in Pakistan have played a pivotal role in establishing the infrastructural backbone of the country. Lastly, Waseem Qazi, CEO of Descon Power Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd, addressed the audience and highlighted Descon’s achievements in operating some of the most technologically advanced power generation plants in Pakistan.

 PFA reaffirms quality

of Haleeb

ISLAMABAD (PR): Based on comprehensive tests carried out by two independent international food testing laboratories at the behest of the PFA, Haleeb’s UHT treated packaged milk was found fully meeting the specified quality standards, thereby negating all baseless rumours of recent months about its quality, said a statement issued by Haleeb Foods Limited here on Friday.

It is to be noted that Haleeb’s packaged milk was tested earlier in the year also on the orders of the Supreme Court and had cleared those tests too, based on which the Supreme Court had declared Haleeb milk fit for human consumption in its March 9, 2017 ruling.

At that time the honourable court had instructed the PFA to conduct another round of tests during the summer period to reconfirm the consistency of quality, and now the results of this second round of tests has reconfirmed the conformity of Haleeb milk to the laid down quality standards.

The PFA had collected the samples of all UHT milk companies from the market and sent these for analysis to two independent testing labs, Intertek and SGS laboratories. Both the labs belong to separate international chains of food testing laboratories and their results are accepted globally. The tests of both laboratories have confirmed that Haleeb milk is free from any harmful elements.

Haleeb Foods Limited CEO Memosh Khawaja said that the test results of the two laboratories engaged by the PFA have reconfirmed that Haleeb’s UHT packaged milk is of high quality and meets all applicable food safety standards. Khawaja also lauded PFA’s commitment to ensuring supply of safe and hygienic food and beverages for the public and stated that Haleeb Foods limited supports the PFA and other regulatory bodies in their work towards industry development.

 Karandaaz study

ISLAMABAD (PR): Karandaaz Pakistan, a Section 42 company working to promote access to finance for small businesses and financial inclusion in the country, has launched a study on Warehouse Receipt (WHR) financing in Pakistan. WHR financing is a form of institutional credit that is extended by banks to farmers and traders against physical commodities stored in licensed warehouses.

The study assesses the current status of uptake of WHR financing in Pakistan through in-depth interviews with current and potential users, suppliers and regulators of the scheme including theSBP, provincial food departments in Sindh and Punjab, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd and ZaraiTaraqiati Bank Ltd. In addition, the study provides important insights on how WHR financing, through a well-developed ecosystem and strong institutional linkages between borrowers, banks, warehouses, and service providers, reduces post-harvest losses of agricultural commodities and enables growers to command better prices for their produce by avoiding distress sales immediately after harvest.

A comprehensive analysis of the price trend of major agricultural commodities over the last five years reveals that WHR financing could be a viable source of credit for wheat, rice, cotton and maize farmers in Pakistan. These commodities are storable and their post-harvest price trends over the last four to five years justify delayed marketing.It is worth noting that the majority of farmers in Pakistan have small landholdings – over 72 percent hold less than 8 acres of land. Once the system is strongly established, small farmers will also be able to benefit from WHR financing.

 Edexcel-Pearson recognises young scientist

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LAHORE (PR): Edexcel-Pearson recognised the achievement of young Pakistani scientist, Muhammad Shaheer Niazi for his research on Electric Honeycomb. At present, he is doing his A-Levels from Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (LACAS), Johar Town which is also Edexcel-Pearson approved academic centre in Lahore and every year this centre stands in the rows of distinctions at various levels.

Muhammad Shaheer is the first high school student from Pakistan who managed to photograph the movement of ions that forms the honeycomb besides recording the heat found on the surface of oil. In recognition of his achievement in scientific world, being the teen scientist, Pearson awarded him a recognition award in Lahore.