KARACHI - A month-long campaign to raise public awareness about prevention, control and management of diabetes has been launched across the country with more than 60 percent of local population above 65 years inflicted with the ailment.

Experts talking to APP Friday said the situation is turning all the more severe with growing incidence of the disease among youth and also those at prime of their productivity, hence an essential human resource expected to contribute towards national development.

Since there is a strong correlation between diabetes and several diseases including cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, renal failure, corneal damage, amputation of limbs etc, they urged for concerted efforts to help people avoid “diabetes” rightly attributed to unhealthy life style.

“Exercising and losing weight can prevent or delay the onset of type two diabetes,” said Dr Ikram Ali, a senior family physician. Mentioning that he was increasingly coming across diabetes among local including women, the doctor said obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes and consequently to cardiovascular or heart diseases. Besides obesity, hormonal changes in expecting women is also a cause of diabetes among female population, said the doctor mentioning that the condition is often reversible. High risk of diabetes among babies born to diabetic mothers was, however, cited to be an emerging challenge among the local population.

Dr Aftab Khalid, a dialectologist mentioned that obesity and insulin resistance can be associated with other risk factors, including high blood pressure.”Sedentary life style and growing culture of consuming rich food, high in fat and carbohydrate contents, has emerged a major threat for the public health, both in rural and urban areas,” said the seasoned professional.

Mentioning that adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to die from heart diseases, it was reminded that diabetes is treatable, however, it does increase the risk of CVD and stroke among the sufferers. “This is because diabetics often suffer from hypertension and also inflicted with unhealthy cholesterol levels,” said Dr Aftab Khalid.

Since the blood flow to essential organs is severely effected due to clogged arteries and veins, the concerned patients also remain at high risk to lose their sight at certain point of time besides their kidneys damaged and limbs turning lifeless to a situation that amputation may be unavoidable.

“The given facts make it necessary that people in general are sensitized to avert the ailment itself and in case may be inflicted must ensure its proper management,” said the doctors.