The Battle of Dürenstein was fought on 11 November in 1805. It was one of the battles fought during the Napoleonic wars. During the Battle the combined forces of Russians and Austrian army trapped the French army. However, the French army despite it's smaller size was able to balance the confrontation. After heavy fighting, which continued well into the night, both parties claimed victory. Both sides suffered equal casualties. The battle reflects the kind of mentality which was prevalent during Europe of the early 19th century. The idea of nation state was continuously evolving while revolutions were restructuring the social order. The idea of permanent military was spreading like wild fire. At the same time expansionist policies were followed by empires to further their interests. French empire was one of the most aggressive empires of the time. This strong headed fearlessness would eventually lead Napoleon into a fool-hardy invasion to Russia against the better judgement of his advisers. The great Napoleon, the hero of French Revolution (1789) would see the end after suffering heavy losses in Russia..

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die everyday.

– Napoleon Bonaparte.