LAHORE - Former Foreign Minister Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali on Friday re-joined the PTI in the presence of party Chairman Imran Khan whom he called “Khan-e-Azam”, a man who was incorruptible. 

Talking to media on the occasion, Sardar Aseff said that he had waited for Khan to come to his residence for years.

Expressing his full support for the cricketer-turned-politician, the ex-Foreign Minister said that Imran Khan was the last hope for the distressed Pakistanis who wanted to see an egalitarian system in the country.

He said that it was mainly due to the efforts made by Khan that Sharif family has been put to accountability.

It may be recalled that Sardar Aseff, a politician from Kasur had joined the PTI in 2011 ending years- long association with the PPP. But he parted ways with Khan after two years alleging that he did not keep the promises made with him.

Later, speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan welcomed Sardar Aseff in the party fold stating that PTI needed people like him to change the system.

Stressing the need for devolution of power, Imran expressed his dissatisfaction over the present system of Local Government and vowed to replace it with a new one with powers to carry out all the development work.

“If the PTI comes to power [after 2018 elections], no MNA and MPA will be given development funds”, he said, adding, that those seeking PTI ticket should keep this in mind.

Imran said that under the new Local Government system, Zila Nazim will be directly elected by the people.

This, he said, was vital to end the horse-trading at the time of elections.   He alleged that all development funds in Punjab had been concentrated in one person [Shehbaz Sharif] who would utilise them at his will.

He further alleged that Sharifs were doing corruption through their front men. “First, they would post their men at important positions and then do corruption through them”, he said.  

Imran also reiterated his party’s demand for holding of early elections to save and strengthen democracy. Earlier in the day, Khan also took to twitter to demand early elections.

He said: “With economic disaster looming and a complete paralysis of governance, Pakistan needs early elections to save and strengthen democracy.” Citing the recent World Bank (WB) report, he said that world economic body had predicted that Pakistan will miss all key macro indicators targets set for this fiscal year.