Multan - Speakers at a seminar underlined on Friday the importance of healthy, balanced and safe food, saying some elements added injurious-to-human-health elements to the food in lust to earn more money which should be dealt with as a serious crime.

The seminar was organised by BZ University’s Institute of Food Science with the collaboration of American Society for Microbiology on Microbile Challenges in Food Safety.

Speaking on this occasion, Prof Saed Akhtar, Director Institute Food Science Department, said that safe food was a basic right of every human, adding that food free of contamination and injurious elements was imperative to develop a healthy society. He stressed the need for creating awareness among masses on clean, secure and balanced diet. “Poor quality adulterated food is leaving serious impacts on people’s health. It has badly affected our kids and youth,” he pointed out.

He said that it was the responsibility of food technologists to work for ensuring availability of healthy, balanced and free of contamination food to the society. He said that the establishment of Punjab Food Authority was a right step to achieve the goal of healthy food. He said that the Institute of Food Sciences held seminars and conferences to create awareness besides make recommendations to the concerned authorities.

Speaking on the occasion, Nishtar Medical University’s Associate Professor Dr Asghar Javed said that every year thousands of humans lost their lives due to contaminated food. He added that safe and pure food had become an international issue and all sections of society had to play an active role to resolve this issue.

Quality Assurance Manager of Nestle Pakistan Samreen Sahar said that all food industries needed to manufacture food products while keeping in view international standards. She added that the food industry should win the confidence of the consumers by manufacturing quality products.