PR LAHORE - The working class observed Allama Iqbal Day by holding special meeting under the aegis of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union CBA at Bakhtiar Labour Hall Lahore.

The meeting was addressed by General Secretary Khurshid Ahmed and others. The meeting was attended by the large number of trade union representatives and workers including female members. The participants of the meeting paid tribute to the great services rendered by Doctor Allama Iqbal with his knowledge, devotion, struggle for the uplift of the Muslims of subcontinent and creation of Pakistan.

On the occasion, the speakers urged the working class, policy makers and all political parties to develop Pakistan as a modern democratic state based upon equality, fraternity, freedom and free from shackle of the yoke of ignorance, unemployment and poverty and irrational gap between the rich and poor and defeat the divisive forces and terrorism and those elite of the society who had been plundering the national wealth. They demanded to put the nation free from the chains of heavy foreign debits.