ISLAMABAD-Islamabad police have arrested 18 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered 1.470 kilogram hashish, 565 gram heroin, wine and weapons from their possession. 

According to details, Noon police arrested a woman identified as Hameedan Bibi and recovered 1020 gram hashish from her possession. Ramana police arrested Ghulam Shabbir and recovered 250 grams heroin from him.

The police also arrested two Nigerian nationals and recovered 13 cans of beer and one wine bottle from their possession. Koral police arrested Shah Rukh and recovered 20 litres wine from his possession. Kohsar police arrested Qaisir Shahzad and recovered 10 wine bottles from his possession. CIA police arrested Waheed Masih and Hanook Masih and recovered 450 gram hashish and 10 gram heroin from their possession. Golra police arrested Qasim Khan and recovered 305 gram heroin from him.

Nilore police arrested Yousaf involved in illegal oil sale. Lohi Bher police recovered a 30 bore illicit pistol from the possession of Basit Fayyaz, according to the police.

Bani Gala police arrested Muhammad Shoaib and recovered a 30 bore illicit pistol from his possession.

SSP Islamabad Waqar-Ud-Din Syed appreciated the police performance and directed all Station House Officers for an effective crackdown against those involved in drug peddling activities. He asked for renewed efforts to curb such practices and get rid society of such menace. He said that performance in this regard would be reviewed on a continuous basis.

He was of the view that menace of drug peddling would not be allowed in educational institutions or anywhere else in the city and strict action to be ensured against those involved in such ugly business or activity.