Corruption money laundering and Bribery prevail at every level in Pakistan. A doctor who is consider as most educated person in the society and a peon low educated person all are involve somehow in corruption.

These days people are come to know about anonymity account which are use for money laundering investigation is going on more then 100 billions rupees .some accounts are the name of these people who are already died. Some are so poor they live hand to mouth But they have billions of rupees in their bank account. They come to know after the FIA notices.

When you go to a doctor in a government hospital he doesn’t listen about your disease carefully but at the same time when you go to same doctor in his private clinic he examine very carefully about your disease and also suggest you good medicine and instructions . Doctor take away allowance from the government that they do not go for practice but almost 98% go for his private clinic. At the same time if you go to police station for any issues you cannot get any relief from the police until you give bribery them. If they come in your home for solving problem they will demand fuel expenses etc .

Some days ago I met a school headmaster he told me he is busy in his school audit. He told me the auditor demand from every school to give 5000 to pas their audit. If anyone deny to give him bribery to the auditor. He should be ready to face audit para ‘s .

In chief executive officer ,(CEO) , DEO if you go for any work in his offices you must first face to clerk you can’t get even a single signature on your documents until you give bribery to clerk. Is it possible CEO and DEO have no knowledge about this bribery. ?

Question is that who can be change the system

Every one want incorruptible system but no one ready to start them selfs


Burewala, October 29.