KHANEWAL  -   The Punjab government has been making strenuous efforts to provide best transport facility to the public across the province.

Punjab Transport Minister Jahanzeb Khan Khichi stated while talking to various delegations and public representatives here in Khanewal today. He said the Punjab government has been implementing multipronged strategy for development despite meagre resources. Particularly talking about development of Khanewal city, the minister said that no illegal stands would be allowed as it cause great inconvenience, adding that Khanewal General Bus Stand would be revamped to its original shape as currently it is a pathetic condition.

When Citizens Forum members including Dr Yousaf Sumra, Muhammad Naseem, Prof Sh Yousaf, Anjum Bashir and Qulzam Bashir Ahmad raised the issue of Speedo bus shuttle service between Khanewal and Multan for students and daily commuters, the minister promised to consider the issue in the greater public interest. He also met political figures, media representatives and local administration at Circuit House during short visit.