Pakistan has been China’s friend with effects to unbelievable CPEC. We also can open our eyes to see what goes in China and where we stand. As it is known that China is going to launch its first man-made moon by 2020 but we still have the issues of hunger, economic problems, terrorism, and the list will be adequate for an article. We are to learn from our neighboring country and have the effects of doing better. With all problems’ solutions the change begins from one. The Government must end corruption now and concentrate on its development to stand erected in the world map. Every nation has its volunteers to do something for its country with condition that government must prove itself as a productive and faithful one.

The new moon that launches in China for the lower costs of electricity to replace streetlamps is praiseworthy. We as a nation have to own this strength to find solutions for our country to end such problems.


Turbat, October 28.