In a country with majority population being Muslim, it is unacceptable for men to use foul abusive language while referring to women at work place. Inspite of clear authentic Hadiths on this subject there is a video clip on YouTube showing a pseudo intellectual using gutter language which cannot be printed by any newspaper, nor televised by any channel, abusing a women anchor for being late in her absence in the presence of other members of staff. This man appears on numerous channels as a self assumed custodian of morality and ethics, criticizing almost every politician for their immoral and unethical behavior and corruption etc.

What is shocking is that no channel has taken punitive action against this person for going beyond sexual harassment and indulging in abuse as if he is above others and beyond penalization. There is an audio clip of another such individual who appears as a member of think tank, abusing a police officer who was not willing to release a suspect without due process of law. The media in Pakistan must cleanse their respective organizations of such individuals who do not know their limits, nor have decency to conduct themselves. If this were conduct of any journalist on CNN or BBC etc, the individual would have been sacked or forced to resign and prosecuted by law enforcement.


Sukkur, October 28.