As reports of Rs3.8 billion in profits surface, prospects for PCB’s improvement seem to be looking bright. Having been subjected to intense criticism in regards to its internal structure and the standard of cricketers it produces, such news comes as a saving grace for the body which has been working towards self-improvement. The only hope now is that cricket, at the grassroots level, is transformed to uphold the quality expected by the masses through certain restructuring schemes.

As of right now, PCB reserves stand at Rs17.08 billion, in comparison the Rs13.28 billion of last year. This means that there is plenty of room now to implement policies that will improve the quality of the board as a whole. Amongst the few initiates taken were the new appointments to the Board of Governors (BoG), a whistleblowing policy and a few tweaks in its domestic structure.

The four new members of the BoG could be beneficial in that they could bring about a new perspective and coincides with the ambitions of the central cricketing body and its commitment to change. Furthermore, the whistleblowing policy comes as part of the zero-tolerance for corruption within the organisation and aims to protect the information provider in order to deflect any adverse reactions and to bring about accountability for those that might be contributing to the gradual erosion of the PCB. Lastly, there are still complaints that cricket, as a whole in Pakistan, may be lagging behind—despite government intervention–due to the PCB’s insistence towards centralisation. According to Chairman Ehsas Mani, decentralisation would allow for cricket associations to function independently, giving the PCB more time to focus on enhancing the cricket structure of the country as a whole considering that complaints about how the system is unable to produce robust players are still relevant.

With all that said, there are still new promises being made. For instance, the body insists that a new approach that prioritises coaching education and bridging the gap between domestic and international cricket will be implemented.