Sydney, Nov 10 -:Polls that misjudged the outcome of Australia’s 2019 election were likely caused by surveys over representing educated voters, an industry inquiry reported Wednesday, a finding that could resonate with beleaguered pollsters worldwide. They had strongly tipped centre-left Labor to win last year’s Australian general election, but conservatives pulled off what Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared a “miracle” win. The Australian election was “a ‘polling failure’ not just a ‘polling miss’” and future reforms are necessary, according to an expert panel created days after the 2019 vote by the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations. The shock defeat of then-Labor leader Bill Shorten echoed polling errors in Britain and the United States in recent years -- when support for the Conservatives, Brexit and Donald Trump was underestimated. In this year’s US presidential election, pollsters again substantially misjudged Trump’s share of the vote in what became a neck-and-neck race eventually won by challenger Joe Biden.