Lakki marwat - Health experts at a workshop on Tuesday called upon the journalists to convince people, especially parents, not to link their demands with immunisation of children as it hindered the efforts aiming to eliminate the crippling disease.  

The one-day orientation workshop for media persons on polio eradication initiative was arranged by Emergency Operations Centre Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at a local hotel in DI Khan.  Journalists from Lakki Marwat Bannu and North Waziristan districts attended the workshop.  

Experts said that media could play a vital role in convincing people to get their children vaccinated against the crippling disease. “Essential immunisation services also help protect children from vaccine preventable diseases besides significantly bringing down morbidity and mortality ratios,” they said. 

They said that belief in false and baseless propaganda by people, especially parents, had put the health of children at stake.  

“People should understand the efficacy of oral polio vaccine as it is the only solution of the problem that can safeguard the kids from life-long paralysis,” said Dr Sarfraz Afridi, National Professional Officer of the World Health Organisation. 

He asked the parents to allow polio teams to get administered children under the age of five with anti-polio drops in every campaign to wipe out the epidemic from the region completely.  

Dr Afridi also urged the media persons to remove misconceptions about oral polio vaccine from the minds of the people, especially parents, and highlight the usefulness of vaccine for kids’ health.  

Senior journalist Mehmood Jan Babar asked his colleagues to avoid misreporting on health issues as such reporting had enormous impact on people’s perceptions and cost number of lives and disabilities.