ISLAMABAD - PPP Parliamentarian Secretary Information Dr Nafisa Shah said yesterday that PPP’s relations with people of Gilgit Baltistan go back three generations and we had given GB a status of interim province in 2009 and how a prime minister who was interim himself could give this interim status of province to GB.

Speaking at a news conference here along with Palwasha Khan, she said the decision to attend meeting of parliamentary party leaders chaired by the speaker National Assembly will be taken by the Pakistan Democratic Movement. 

She said the PPP Chairman had set agenda of election in GB. “We are contesting elections in GB to deliver rights to the people of GB.” 

“We will give GB the right to rule, right to property and right to employment. Dr. Shah said that national carrier, PIA, has been on 90 days notice and if we not act now then our airspace will be occupied by others,” she added. 

Nafisa Shah said that PDM was formed with the efforts and initiative taken by the PPP Chairman and he will continue to play vital role in PDM.  

Palwasha Khan said Prime Minister Imran Khan was not invited in the all important meeting of parliamentary leaders due to his mental health. 

She said the federal ministers were contaminating the atmosphere in GB by using foul language. “These ministers have gone so low that they are bad mouthing even the women. Jahangir Tareen is neither arrested nor taken in custody by the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) on his return to the country. This shows clearly the duality of accountability under Imran Khan’s rule,” she maintained.