ISLAMABAD-Private pharmacy situated inside Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has been found involved in providing substandard children medicines at exorbitant rates, The Nation learnt on Tuesday.

Doctors at PIMS have approached the higher administration of the hospital with the complaint that the private pharmacy inside the hospital is not providing quality medicines and is overcharging the patients.

According to the documents available with The Nation, the hospital’s peads department head has approached the Executive Director (ED) office with the complaint that the pharmacy has been involved in corrupt practices.  

The application said that “I, professor doctor Jai Krishan, and on the behalf of the whole paediatric department urging with evidence that a strict action should be taken against Imran pharmacy for corrupt/illegal practice.”

The application said that they are giving/charging medicines on their own behalf and charging high prices. They have been warned again and again for these malpractices but doing it.

“They are involved in corrupt practices, so a strict action should be taken against them,” the complainant.

President Young Doctors Association (YDA) PIMS Dr. Fazal-e-Rabbi said, “there is extortion and low quality of medicine here.” 

He added that the mismanagement has increased to the level that ‘insects’ are being found in the food of doctors café.

Dr. Fazal-e-Rabbi said that one shop of this private pharmacy was closed, its second branch is selling substandard medicines to patients. He said that a doctor prescribes medicine to the patient and it is not available in the hospital pharmacy, meanwhile the patient is provided with low quality medicine and charged heavily.

YDA in its official statement urged the public to not purchase medicine from the pharmacy inside the hospital. The statement said that majority of the medicines by the pharmacy are of low quality with high prices.

It said that patients should purchase the medicine outside the hospital from any authentic pharmacy.

Dr. Fazal-e-Rabbi elaborated that the medicines being provided in the private pharmacy of the hospital are of local companies and less effective clinically.

He said that there are standard multinational companies on which we can trust about their quality but these medicines available in the hospital cannot be trusted. “It’s legalised corruption,” he said.

A doctor at peads department wishing anonymity said that the medicines being provided to children from private pharmacy is like playing with their health. He said that number of times the pharmacist has been instructed to improve the standard of medicines but in vain.

“Local made iron syrup for children is being sold for Rs500, while there is no multinational brand there” he said.

Executive Director PIMS Dr. Answer Maxood talking to The Nation said that the issue has come into his knowledge recently and the hospital administration will investigate it.

Asking about penalty on providing low quality medicines on increased rates, the ED PIMS said that hospital administration will act after reviewing the contract done with the pharmacy. “We will decide on it looking into the contract done,” he said.