Jason Momoa rumbles his way on a Harley-Davidson

ISLAMABAD - No one can accuse Jason Momoa of not living life on his own terms. The Aquaman star, a renowned motorcycle and muscle car enthusiast, was hard to miss when he was cruising the streets of Torontos, Canada on a Harley-Davidson recently. The 6ft and 4in star is back in the Ontario capital to resume shooting the second season of his science fiction drama series, See, for Apple TV+. Heads turned when the Hawaiian native, 41, came rumbling in on his hog dressed in camouflage pants, striped button-down shirt, light pink jacket and black biker boots. Always one to add his unique sense of style, he also wore matching pink-rimmed sunglasses and a gold and red helmet over is long raven locks. The rugged superhero ended up parking next to his group of bikers friends and went in to eat at a local burger joint.

YouTuber designs VR version of Trump campaign

ISLAMABAD - The Four Season Total Landscaping business in Philadelphia, the site of a surreal Trump campaign press conference, now exists in virtual reality. YouTuber Coopertom shared a clip of the virtual space he created on Twitter for VRChat, a massively multiplayer virtual reality platform. Coopertom said it took five-and-a-half hours to build the scene, which includes details like Trump campaign signs, weathering on the building and what he dubs ‘the presidential hose reel.’ ‘You’ve even got stuff behind the windows,’ one person comments. ‘You went that far with the detail. That’s some Half-Life nonsense,’ referencing the popular first person shooter game. 

Furries, also known as fursuiters and furverts, are fans of media featuring anthropomorphic animals. Many dress as a ‘fursona,’ or anthropomorphized animal character, to interact with the community. According to report, Coopertom, also known as ‘Cooper,’ is a 37 year old fursuiter from south New Jersey. His handle comes from his love of the MiniCooper car and his ‘fursona,’ a gray-and-white tomcat.