LAHORE - President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping while speaking at the 20th Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization has said that since its founding, the SCO travelled an extraordinary journey. “It has stood the test of time and become a major constructive force in the Eurasian region and global affairs. Committed to the Shanghai Spirit, SCO members have enhanced cooperation in the political, economic, security, people-to-people and cultural fields, setting an example for a new type of international relations that features mutual respect, equity, justice and win-win cooperation.” In the face of COVID-19, he said, we have backed each other up to tide over the difficulties together. Such solidarity has injected positive energy into both the SCO’s steady development and international cooperation against the coronavirus.The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated shifts in the international landscape. The world is entering a period of turbulence and transformation. The international community now faces a major test with choices to be made between multilateralism and unilateralism, openness and seclusion, cooperation and confrontation. “What is going on with the world?””What shall we do about it?” - These are the questions awaiting answers from the people of our time. Ancient Chinese teachings tell us that “men of insight see the trend, while men of wisdom ride it”.