Pakistani forces firing on US military helicopters, which flew over the air space of Pakistan in the territory near North Waziristan on Thursday (25 September) led to an immediate reaction from Pentagon. The Pentagon spokesman said Pakistan had to explain the reasons for firing upon US choppers. The irony is that US drones have repeatedly hit in Pakistani tribal territory in the last few weeks but the Pentagon never paid heed to Pakistani protests nor offered any explanation. The only word they ever utter is sorry and that too only when they think an attack has happened on mistaken information. Pakistan on its part has not denied the latest (firing) allegation; rather it has said that those were just warning shots fired to make pilots of the invading choppers see that they were violating Pakistan territory. This clarification should have been deemed sufficient as no damage to US choppers had accrued but, unfortunately, Pentagon tends to act lordly and haughty these days. America would hardly ever win the battle for hearts and minds if it continues its present policy of high arrogance and bellicosity. -ANWAR JALAL, Peshawar, via e-mail, September 26.