Within days of taking over as the Finance Adviser, Shaukat Tarin faced a Market that was in freefall, with the Pakistani Stocks having dropped 30 billion dollars. This was completely unrelated to the US markets, which had lost two trillion dollars in less than two weeks, and is still reeling even though emergency sessions of Congress and the Senate approved 700 billion in funds to shore up the economy. Our government does not have pockets deep enough to cover the 30 billion let alone 3 billion. While we are scrabbling around begging bowl in hand, Shaukat has prevailed upon the Lady Gov to reduce interest rates, and inject funds to increase liquidity and support the forex market. These emergency measures may not be enough to halt the crisis but will serve to stem the blood flow. They have also elicited positive responses from senior members in the financial sector - persons who are notoriously shy in handing out praise and his statement "Lockers of the people and their foreign currency will never be taken from them - not even over my deadbody" has put the fears of many a Memon to rest. The position has brought into focus the need for a complete over haul of our economy, for we had no sense of direction over the last ten years. We spent huge amounts on a mobile telephone system and large funds were allocated for the import of oil to drive our Power generation - while our huge domestic coal deposits were kept as reserves to be used God knows when. The Oil companies have done a remarkable in keeping our supplies always available, while the prices escalated beyond our means. We should have been digging our coal at any cost. But the reach and power of the oil companies is evident from the huge profits being declared by the majors. Again we fell prey to the Shaukat Aziz doctrine of the supremacy of the Stock Market, as an economic indicator. Over the decade, all the funds were channelled into this field, and all the major brokers set-up banks to service this industry. The banking industry was the fastest expanding field in Pakistan, and nobody stopped for a moment to check the market being catered to. Banking as in any other business has a domestic and foreign quotient. In Pakistan the banking executives were all chasing the few customers, switching to consumerism for a higher spread and therefore higher profits. None of these new banks went outside Pakistan - or could for that matter, for already Pakistani Banking had been under scrutiny after 9/11 making Banking impossible to conduct for Pakistanis. Even our notoriously efficient Havala system was brought to a grinding halt. The Americans in identifying Pakistan as a centre of terrorism stopped any source of supply of funds to these areas. Therefore the establishment of any Pakistani Bank abroad was definitely out of the question. The adviser will have to decide his priorities. The creation of employment, and the establishing of manufacturing industries. The Stock exchange was hyped as being the most successful with everyone looking for a piece of the action. Our governors of the States Bank, and our minister, President Musharraf all cited the performance of the Exchange as our barometer. Our manufacturing was ignored, and it actually came near to collapse. We have a huge pool of unemployed youth, who must be accommodated, and it is the field of small manufacturing industries that must be encouraged, and machinery should be given to these youngsters on a priority basis. Instead of giving them capital, give them machines to produce  engineering goods with an export potential. For the small yet brilliant trader in the Karachi market a source of capital, to make him grow. I am confident that the youth of Pakistan deserves a direction and access to capital, and he will succeed. He is very hard working, and is known to have succeeded in the most difficult of environments, and in the teeth of competition even against the formidable Hindus. Mr Tareen you got to your position through hard work. Now is the time for you to offer the youth of Pakistan an opportunity for them to try their hand. Start a venture Capital fund, so that they can have the access to funding. It is the poor who are desperate to make it, and they will try harder than most fat cats. They need the break, and you will have created many Bill Gates, and many new fortunates. Of everyone that I know success has come about through hard work - and an opportunity. Yours is a prime example. This is the biggest favour you can give to the youth of today, for the Pakistani in the Gulf States is a shining example of what we can achieve. Give them the opportunity here. The writer is a political analyst