In his address to the Parliament, Mr. Zardari declared that he would soon give "good news on the Kashmir issue". The statement astounded everyone in Pakistan and the feeling was also shared across the border. Although the President did not explain what he meant by the "good news", many thought it simply meant that Pakistan would accept status quo as the final solution. I am sure the President did not mean that because that would not be good news for anyone except the Indians. Kashmir remains the core issue between India and Pakistan and only a just solution to this problem will achieve peace between the two nations. At first flush, it seems unlikely, though. Not in the near future, anyway. After the recent uprising in Kashmir due to the controversial transfer of land to a Hindu shrine, hostilities have increased between the two nations. Border clashes have become the norm with each side blaming the other. The feeling is that as the Indian state combats a popular separatist movement in Kashmir, it will increasingly resort to putting the blame on Pakistan for its own failures. Pakistan even if it tried to run the movement in Kashmir cannot do so because of its own dire security situation that is deteriorating by the day. Kashmiris, though, do not need our support as their movement has gathered decisive momentum on its own. Zardari's optimism regarding Kashmir may be a case of him seeing the glass half-full before anyone else does. -QASIM ALI KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, September 26.