LAHORE - Former squash champion Jansher Khan has lashed at the Pakistan Squash Federation's 2011 plan through which it claims it would raise a champion. In meet-the-press evening, Jansher said that champions are produced through proper system, which is not there. "If we look at the Pakistan sports, are shocked to know that we have no title. The sports in Pakistan is in a state of crisis and until a system is developed it cannot develop," said he. Jansher further said that it would be better to hand over the squash affairs to PIA instead of PAF. "I have high respect for the air force but the PAF officials are too busy to give proper time to the game so it is better for the sport and the PAF also to part ways," he added. "There are six squash legends in the country and no one from them was invited by the federation to see the squash affairs. I would suggest that there are about 35 talented players in the country and each legend should be given 10 players to groom with a target. If a legend fails to bring desired results, he should not be called again to handle any squash activity," he suggested. He said that the focus should be on players of four to five years of age and they should be raised to the world level through a proper system.