KARACHI - To ensure uniformity of electricity tariffs all over the country, the government of Pakistan has notified KESC revised electricity rates to be charged to its customers. In consequence, thereof, the total average effect on the tariff is an increase of 31 percent effective from September 1, 2008, which is inclusive of arrears amounting to 5% from April 2008 and 6% from July 2008 as per the notification received by KESC. As a result of the subsidy withdrawn by the government of Pakistan, KESC tariff is now at per with the applied tariffs of WAPDA power distribution companies (Discos) throughout the country. KESC management, considering the burden of the revised charges to be recovered as arrears for the period April-August 2008, has created a new customer-centric policy to allow payments of the arrears to be made in three equal instalments from the next electricity bills to ease the burden on the public. Naveed Ismail, the new CEO of KESC said, "We truly appreciate the burden on Karachi's ordinary citizens of this imposed tariff increase and we offer this new easy instalment support in the payment of arrears, to allow these costumers some relief". Incorporated in 1913, KESC is the only vertically integrated power utility in Pakistan, working in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution. It serves the electricity needs of Pakistan's largest city and its surrounding areas, with a 2.2 million strong costumer base. It has a licensed network spanning 6000 square km. Through a combination of self generation and power import from IPP's and the national utility WAPDA, KESC's total supply capacity is approximately 2344 MWs. KESC is listed on all three of Pakistan's stock exchanges.