ISLAMABAD- Dozens of kilns labourers staged protest demonstration against the injustice of kiln owners in front of Rawalpindi Islamabad Press Club here on Friday. It is pertinent to mention here that Kiln labourers take advance money from brick kiln owners for work. It happens that some black sheep escape from residences provided by the kiln owners and later then claim to be the affectees. Kiln Labourers protested here against the owners of kilns and they were carrying banners inscribed with different slogans in favour of their demands. Speaking on the occasion, President Bhhata Labour Union Muhammad Anait said that owners of Bhhata are taking heavy work from poor labourers including women and children through force and are not paying committed wages. On the other hand kiln owners say that they provide advance money and after taking ample of money in advance, sometime labour escape and do not fulfil their commitment.Government should take necessary measures to solve the problems of both the sides and advance money should be banned for hiring the services of labour at brick kilns.