LAHORE - The equity market on Friday failed to respond to better financial results and improved liquidity, with Badla financing rates skyrocketing to new limits, giving new dimension to the already deepening crisis. Dealers said that in Lahore lack of availability of badla financing had created alarming position. Anyway market trend will remain intact till change in economic conditions, observed Tariq Khurshid, Executive Director, First Pakistan Securities Ltd. Very outstanding results of POL, APL and ATRL failed to generate any activity in these scrips. POL declared 160% cash dividend and 20% bonus, APL announced 200% cash dividend and 20% bonus and ATRL came out with pay out of 80% cash dividend and 20% bonus. Analysts said that the index ended flat with no change ahead of the weekend. Volumes remained also similar on the previous position at 1.8 million shares. While, global indices continued to falter despite a series of rate cuts by some of the major central banks in order to revive the confidence whereas some of the countries either halted or delayed stock trading as the credit crisis extended. Earlier, the market saw another day of stagnant market performance. At Karachi Stock Exchange market opened at last closing level of 9181.35 points and remained pegged there till ringing of closing bell. It closed without any change at last closing level of 9181.35 points making a new history. On the other hand free float index opened in plus column at 10043.41 points which was its day high also. In today trading it lost 0.56 points and closed at its day low level at 10042.85 points. All shares index against the trend closed 0.60 points plus at 6640.99 points. KMI once again opened at last closing level of 11224.18 points and closed there without any change or movement. Traded scrips also saw reduction and only 70 scrips changed hands. From those 12 closed in plus and 10 in minus column while 48 closed at last closing level. Improvement in volumes continued and with further slight improvement it went up to 1833300 shares today. NIMIR topped in volumes today with traded volumes of 618000 shares. At Lahore Stock Exchange market closed at its day low at 2829.82 points after shedding 2.28 points. In today trading 77 scrips were traded and out of those none closed in plus column but 3 scrips closed in minus column while 74 simply kept their last closing level. Volumes saw drastic decline and new historic low volumes were seen today. Just 7100 shares were traded today. This is a new record of lowest volumes. Even market failed to have ten top volumes leaders.