Terming the Parliament's in-camera security briefing by Army officials a one-sided move, Taliban have said they too want an opportunity to brief the parliamentarians about the situation. Talking to the BBC on Friday, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said since Taliban are stakeholders in the so-called war on terror, they should also be given an opportunity to brief the parliament members about their stance. He said Taliban reject altogether or want to clarify most of the matters discussed during the in-camera session, the details of which they had come to know through media. He offered that he could brief the lawmakers via telephone, and if it was not possible there were pro-Taliban parliamentarians who could explain Taliban's viewpoint. He, however, did not disclose the names of those MPs. He said Army officials had leveled allegations against Taliban and shown the parliamentarians certain video clips in which people were being slaughtered allegedly by Taliban, but he said those footages showing killing of innocent students during shelling and bombardment of religious seminaries by  Army jet planes  in Bajaur were not aired . He kept on saying that it was also not briefed, "how many civilians were killed and how many families were forced to evacuate during military operations."