KARACHI - Due to lack of planning and lack of vision of the CDGK Transport and Communication Department (TCD), hundreds of leaflets, posters, broachers and pamphlets related to the Road Safety Education could not be distributed among the school-going children and were dumped in the store rooms of the department, The Nation was informed here on Friday. The TCD has prepared huge material to promote road safety education by creating awareness among school children using interesting ideas.It may be noted here that since 1990, thousands of the pedestrians have been killed in road accidents and out of them 25 per cent were school children while more than 1,500 others injured. The TCD has prepared pamphlets, leaflets and brochures regarding road safety education for school going children besides more than 200 teachers of CDGK-run schools had been imparted related training, which has been stopped for the past several months due to laziness and incompetence of TCD high officials. Huge money spent on preparation of these leaflets, broachers and pamphlets has been wasted as they could not be distributed in the schools.  A Parrot Mascot, is the most popular part of the road safety education in which a person wearing the mascot of parrot, standing on busy roads and imparting road safety education to citizens and children.  Parrot mascot also visited schools and gave tips and information about road safety education in an interesting manner. But this parrot mascot has been dumped in the TCD stores related classes have been stopped.