KARACHI- Despite a number of tough measures taken by the federal government, Pakistan has sustained a huge trade deficit of 5.55 billion dollars in first three months of FY09. In foreign exchange, the trade deficit of the country has widened by 1.90 billion dollars in first quarter of this fiscal, when compared to 3.65 billion dollars such deficit in the same period of last fiscal. In percentage, the trade deficit has increased by 52.65 per cent from July-September FY09 as against the trade deficit recorded in the same period of FY08. The foreign trade data, issued by the FBS, showed a disturbing growth of trade deficit in the month of September this year in spite of the fact the government and the central bank had taken a number of tough measures. In September 2008 the trade deficit widened to 2.027 billion dollars, from 1.25 billion dollars in September 2007, depicting 62.13 per cent growth in the US dollars and 106.33 per cent in Pakistani rupees. The FBS reported on Friday that the Y-O-Y growth in the country's exports increased by 19.19 percent to 5.27 billion dollars in July-Sep 2008 from 4.420 billion dollars in the corresponding three months of previous quarter of FY08 while the country had spent 10.81 billion dollars on over all imports, showing 34.29 percent increase in the period under review against 8.056 billion dollars in July-Sep FY08. In September 2008, the M-O-M imports in the country marked a new peak, amounting to US$ 3.806 billion or 39.20 percent in the third month of prevailing quarter of current fiscal compared to US$2.73 billion during the same month of last financial year. The growth in exports soared by19.88 percent to US$1.77 billion during September FY09 from 1.48 billion in September FY08. The imports in the month of September 2008 witnessed a high growth of 9.97 percent, swelling to US$3.806 billion from US$3.46 billion. As compared to last month of current fiscal (August 2008), the country had received the value of US$ 1.77 billion on the total exports' trade in September 2008 against US$1.58 billion in the last month FY09.