According to a recent press report, a defence spokesman of Sri Lanka has said that Taliban and Al-Qaeda are using the same tactics as used by LTTE. He gave the example of a Marriott-type suicide bombing, using a dumper and large quantity of explosives, at the Central Bank Colombo that had killed 91 people. The Lankan spokesman also said that the suicide-bombing jacket used by Taliban is the same in design as one used by LTTE. Since LTTE had been trained by Israel, there is a distinct possibility that Taliban and Al-Qaeda have also been trained by Israel. We have no choice but to continue fighting these militants until they surrender arms. Their brand of Islam is totally opposite to what Quran teaches us. I consider them to be agents of the infidels because they are killing mostly Muslims and destroying the economy of Islamic countries. How can they call themselves Muslims? -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, September 26.