After being thrown out of power by the people of Pakistan nearly two and a half years back, Musharraf staged an amusing show in London in which he levelled some allegations against Nawaz Sharif and tried to create a faade of citing sources that actually led nowhere. It was a tireless repetition of misleading facts designed to depict Sharif as a despicable brainless person, who misgoverned and was dangerous to the physical and spiritual life of the people of Pakistan. Yes, the best example of Sharifs bad governance was that he picked up a junior roughneck over the heads of some outstanding military generals to command one of the best armies in the world. And, this one wrong decision led him from the PM House to Attock Fort and then subsequent exile to Saudi Arabia. Now, after two years, promenade in Europe and America from a little-bit of money he earned in Pakistan and huge amounts he earned from his self-projecting lectures arranged by his invisible buddies, this self-proclaimed messiah has once again made his appearance in London to launch a political coup in Pakistan, riding not on a gun, but on the frail shoulders of hangers-on, who cannot stand even on their own legs. Earlier, the self-proclaimed messiah announced the launching of his own brand of APML in a guarded hotel in London. The ambitious nouveau politician spent big chunk of his hard-earned money in Pakistan without realising that a national leader always emerges from the rank and file of the masses and not through the military high brass. Talking to hired participants, Musharraf declared that he had decided to launch his own political party because there was no politician worth the salt in Pakistan to take the country out of the prevalent mayhem that he left as his legacy. He stubbornly admitted that he did commit some political mistakes; but then he was misguided by the political junta around him. All his gibbering to the captive audience was a rare exhibition of mimicry by some clown, rather than a politician. Perhaps, he still was under the stupor that he was riding on the barrel of a gun. While absolving himself of all the misdeeds, he blamed the hangers-on for his failures without realising that they were, on a free trip to London, still around him as backscratchers. In his desperation, Musharraf crossed all the barriers of decency when he criticised Nawaz Sharif. It was more a political mimicry, rather than reason. Whatever be the reason, negative campaigning is always negative and most of the time it boomerangs. He is one of those last politicos of the present times, who indulged in such mudslinging that truly hurt the Pakistanis as a nation. His condemnation of Sharif reflects that he is not a politician and can never rise to political heights. He forgot that he was no more a military general and lavish spending of surreptitiously acquired wealth would not make him a political leader. It is amazing how complete is his delusion that power was wisdom; and now unfortunately, he doesnt even have that. So long as he was busy in his so-called philosophical lectures and other extracurricular sojourns, he had a smooth sailing in London. But after the launching of his APML, no day has passed without a silly statement that has exposed him as a confused non-directed ambitious person who is castigating all his former associates, or some friends, if at all he had any. The more he speaks, the more he exposes himself as a brainless being, who ruled Pakistan with a gun and not prudence. He has accused Sharif of ruling without perception, but he ruled with a gun, and I leave it to the judgement of the masses as to who is wiser of the two. And mind you, people are never wrong in their judgement. The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common; they dont alter their views to fit the facts, they instead, alter the facts to fit their views. It can be painful, if you happen to be one of the facts that need altering. That is an enigma beyond Musharrafs intellectual capacity. The writer is a freelance columnist.