According to media reports, India is planning to buy more than 300 advanced stealth fighter jets from Russia. Russia would supply India with fifth-generation fighter aircraft as well as 45 multi-role transport aircraft. India is also in the process of acquiring 270 Sukhoi war jets worth $12bn and is all set to hand out a contract for 126 fighter planes. India is the country, which in fact initiated the race for nuclear technology and weaponry to destabilize regional peace. India is not only striking deals with Russia but is efficient enough in signing defence deals with USA, Australia, Israel, South Africa, and other countries. It has recently signed a civil nuclear deal with America. Obviously, these measures are designed and aimed against Pakistan. These preparations are part of its Cold Start Strategy doctrine through which India plans to attack Pakistan under the nuclear threshold. On the other hand, if Pakistan gets something from the US, India protests like anything. The US then assures India that no military aid given to Pakistan would be used against it. However, no such guarantees are given to Pakistan. It is understood that the military assistance and equipment given to India would only be used against Pakistan. Besides, there is little likelihood of a border dispute igniting with China and with the already near-subjugated Bangladesh, there is reason to believe that New Delhi is worried only about keeping Pakistan under check. It is also not bothered about attacking Bhutan and Nepal. It is only Pakistan, which is the target of Indo-US-Israel nexus and now Russia is also kind enough to provide its fighter jets to be used against Pakistan. On one hand, India offers talks to Pakistan and on the other, it is busy in bids to destabilize Pakistan through interference in Balochistan and other parts of the country. Pakistan has to be vigilant and well prepared in order to counter the enemies designs and must take appropriate measures to highlight the one-sided arms build-up in the region, which has already tilted the balance of power in Indias favour. YOUSAF ALAMGIRIAN, Rawalpindi, October 8.