THE Kashmiri peoples struggle for self-determination continued on Friday with another death from brutal firing by the Indian Occupation forces, besides wounding scores of others. Though the curfew over the entire area had caused a closure of educational and commercial institutions which brought normal life to a standstill, thereby moving the entire Occupied Valley towards the self-determination denied to the Kashmiri people by the Indian authorities, which have chosen to continue their illegal occupation. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, fresh from his meeting with US diplomats, has once again spoken of independence, which was not an option when the UN Security Council passed resolutions calling for a plebiscite to be held under UN supervision, with the choice in the plebiscite for the princely state limited to accession either to India or Pakistan. It should be remembered that India also faces difficulty after the UNs FAO treated Arunachal Pradesh as an independent territory in its lists as well as Jammu and Kashmir. China has a claim to this area, over which the two countries fought a war back in 1962, and which was then called North-Eastern Frontier Area (NEFA). However, India also intends to defy the UN and continue the illegal Occupation it has begun. Now more than ever, the UN needs to intervene to ensure that there are just resolutions to the disputes of the world. The UN also needs to note which countries are behind the disputes, not just Kashmir State and Arunachal, but also Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Apart from Arunachal, all the disputes mentioned involve the occupation of Muslim-populated lands by non-Muslim invaders. However, so long as these are not resolved justly, the world will know no peace. The UN can make a beginning with Kashmir, particularly as the movement for self-determination there has reached new heights, and another generation has protested, and sacrificed lives, to make it clear that the length of the Indian occupation has not inured the Kashmiri people to the loss of freedom it entails.