We should be grateful to PML(Q) headed by Ch Shujaat for his decision to remain in government, within 24 hours of their decision to resign from all ministries. The PML(Q) following the footsteps of MQM has made the supreme sacrifice in national interest. As a token of their support for unfortunate people of Pakistan, each MNA will get Rs25 Crore for development projects to be spent at their sole discretion. While the people of Pakistan suffer untold miseries, their elected representatives have opted to eat a humble pie worth a meagre Rs 25 Crore. It would be in the fitness of the spirit of sacrifice displayed by these two parties, that the people suffer without any complaints, miseries of floods in Sindh, target killings and extortion in Karachi, dengue epidemic in Punjab and spreading to other parts of country, electricity and gas power outages, shortages of food and clean drinking water, no trains and massive unemployment. The people should seek forgiveness from Almighty and pray that the call to prayers given by our President be heard. After all, sufferings of the poor would pale when compared with humility and supreme sacrifices offered by these two political parties, all in the national interest. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, October 9.