Given that Pakistan does not enjoy the most favourable of spotlights in the international arena, it is a rare opportunity that someone like Malala has come to reveal the positive side of the people of Pakistan. However, she has been the subject of constant conspiracy theories, fuelled by insecurity, jealousy and suspicion. Some have even gone as far as to say that she is an instrument of a hidden world order that operates to bring about the downfall of Muslims.

Malala was one of the many children to be targeted by Taliban violence, and she fought the oppression successfully and emerged as a role model for those who believe in universal ideals of humanity. The reason Western countries have all applauded her spirit, is because she is a representation of humane ideals that has risen out of a country that to them, is the breeding ground for violence and repression. Her story should be used as an inspiration for anyone who has even marginally suffered at the hands of terrorism. She is the true embodiment of all that was supposed to represent this nation, from her fight for the human cause, to preaching tolerance, even in the face of open hostility.

Her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize has come as a pleasant surprise, although even many of her supporters have reasons to not root for her victory. They claim that she is too young, and the rest of her life will be overshadowed by this prize, if she receives it. That does not seem very likely, given that her commitment to her cause seems heartfelt, and her poise and humility are genuinely moving for all those that have listened to her speak. Added to that, the fact that she has already been given a plethora of awards, means she has just as much likelihood of having a very prominent influence on the future. If Obama can be given the Nobel Peace Prize for simply promising to end American conflict, yet failing to do so later, then certainly one can consider giving the Prize to a girl who got shot in the head because she chose to fight repression, and survived to grow from a schoolgirl to an icon.