Some educational institutions in the country have prescribed Hijab as a part of the dress code for the female students. Some people are of the view that it amounts to moral policing. Many countries of Europe such as France, using secularism as a pretext, have imposed a set of discriminatory cultural norms, disregarding the sensibilities of their religious minorities. Hijab worn by Muslim women is their special target. They have enacted laws banning the wearing of Hijab in public. A woman wearing Hijab is barred from admission to educational institutions and membership of elected public entities and public organizations. A woman already studying in a college or university is expelled if found wearing a Hijab.

Our liberalists see nothing wrong in these malicious and hateful measures. But if an educational institution prescribes a dress code, which is in conformity with our cultural norms and religious norms what is the harm? These measures are criticized on the social media by the youngsters studying in the so called modern and advanced educational institutions and are gradually being brain washed.

Educational institutions prescribe a dress code to ensure uniformity, good order and decency amongst students. Hijab in dress code is based on our culture and values and what is wrong with it? Are we not entitled to observe values and norms of our society in our public institutions?


Lahore, October 8.