It seems strange that the government is planning to hold talks with a terrorist group that does not accept the Constitution of Pakistan. In fact the Constitution does have some articles that are patently un-Islamic that need to be amended, while raising a question on the issue in an address by a former Chief Justice of Supreme Court it was commented by the CJ that such issues could be dealt with only by the Parliament which held the power to amend any un-Islamic provisions. Such articles as 45 of the Constitution that gives powers to the President to grant pardon for any sentence passed by any court and a similar Article 248 (2) that provides immunity to the President or Governor against any criminal proceedings whatsoever to be instituted against him as also Article 203 B(c) which defines the term law not to include the Constitution thus limiting the role of Federal Shariat Court to decide whether a law is repugnant or otherwise to the injunctions of Islam. Such amendments if made would make our Constitution unrivaled and unobjectionable by any party or group.


Lahore, October 8.