The weakness of our puppet government can be gauged by the fact that everybody and his uncle thinks he can comment on and have a say in our internal affairs. Recently, former US Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, found it necessary to hint at US sanctions on Pakistan in case of military intervention. The former envoy said US wanted to see continuation of democratic system in Pakistan, adding that any deviation from democratic process would not be supported.

Why would an American feel the necessity to comment on what political system Pakistan decides to run? Does he ever comment on German or British political system? Obviously this is because Pakistan is purportedly relying on American money in the civilian and the military branches of our state which means that ‘beggars can’t be choosers’.

In reality, democracy is an off-shoot of capitalism, which has broken the backbone of the poor in Pakistan. This is proof that all money that is given to Pakistan from outside has strings attached; and these strings are restricting our national sovereignty. The statement that US want democracy in Pakistan is a lie; it was the US that promoted the military coup of Ayub Khan and also Ziaul Haq, and used him to promote jihad in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. It is high time for Pakistan to reconsider their relationship with the US and US-dominated organizations like IMF and World Bank. If we want to become the masters of our own destiny and make the people of Pakistan the real fountain of power we must do away with these chains to our country that does not help us resolve our major problems.


Karachi, August 26.