At this defining moment, the traditional politics, or frankly speaking ‘Gullucracy, Pomicracy and Billucracy’ are under siege, with political nuisances, blame-games and a hue and cry being raised by every ragtag and bobtail. Fearing the derailment and wrapping up of what they call ‘Democratic setup’ as a result of potential portents of military coup or any other extra-constitutional force, the way former president Zardari and his goody-goodies have appeared on the scene acting as an messiah to preserve the status-quo agenda is very ridiculous.

I think Zardari has lost sight of the fact that there is a province named Sindh, where PPP is ruling and they had a slogan of ‘Roti-Kapra-Makan”, on which the whole family cashed their political careers, and which has still not been realized. My heart bleeds at the mayhem Zardari and his herd have wrecked on Sindh. Nations and states work towards advancement but Sindh is reverting back to the stone-age with all its infrastructure and departments and services lying in disarray.

I really wonder why democracy, no matter however worst, and to whatever extent it smashes and strips the masses of all little they have, is ranked above the best dictatorship and why? Apart from corruption, nepotism, bribery, miss-governance, deterioration of law and order, killings, insecurity, a tribal and feudal culture, poverty, what else has PPP done? Is it not hypocrisy at its best when politicians who gained fame by promising Roti-Kapra-Makan,’ have worked hard to rob the nation?


Islamabad, August 23.