LAHORE - The FIA has arrested an international human smuggler, also wanted by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, US government) and Canadian police and recovered hundreds of European, Americana and Canadian passports from his possession.

This was revealed by Punjab FIA Director Dr Usman Anwar, while addressing a press conference at his office on Friday. He said the FIA team, headed by Assistant Director Asif Ali Mian, condcuetd a successful raid in China Scheme, Gujjarpura, and arrested John Michael Hamdani (his real name is Javed Yousaf Hamdani) and his three accomplices. The team also recovered hundreds of Pakistani, American, Fiji, Brunei and Cyprus passports as well as American visas, fake travellers’ cheques valuing hundreds of thousands of US dollars, blank holographic images, stamps, printing materials and printers etc.

The raiding team also succeeded in apprehending three of his accomplices, M Yasir, M Mehmood and Maqbool Hussain.

Canadian police deported him from Canada to Pakistan in 2008. An FIA investigator quoted a Canadian newspaper as saying that after trying to get rid of Hamdani for more than 15 years, Canadian police were happy to report that he was finally deported to Pakistan.

Michael John Hamdani arrived in Canada from his native Pakistan in 1994. In 2003 FBI accused Hamdani of facilitating five people to enter the United States from Canada on fake travel documents.

According to the government documents, he was granted refugee status in Canada. Soon after that he got involved in crimes, mostly related to fraud and forgery. Police dubbed him a master counterfeiter who could produce flawless fake documents.

Official documents show a long trail of Hamdani's record, painting a picture of lies, false identities and fake passports.

After his first Canadian conviction in 1995, Hamdani was ordered deported. However, the refugees who commit crimes are allowed to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) if they are sentenced to less than two years.

Hamandi's highest-profile charges stemmed from an incident that caused an international terrorist search. He was into custody in the United States in 1996 on fraud and forgery charges, skipped bail and slipped back to Canada.